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Last updated : Oct 4, 2003

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SharpFlash is a third-party tool (released under the GNU General Public License) allowing Flash applications to have more power on operating systems supporting the .NET Framework. It exposes (read: in the future, it will expose) an ActionScript API allowing a Flash application to have as much control over the environment as a native desktop application has.  This includes things like allowing file access (both read/write), registry access, internet access, etc. The API is still under heavy development, but the code has stabilized to a pre-alpha state.  Written in C#, SharpFlash takes advantage of a Flash User Interface.  Additionally, SharpFlash was built with SharpFlash, demonstrating the power of the program.


Change Log




To download SharpFlash, visit the project page on SourceForge ( .


There is a README.txt file included in the binary/source archive.  Please read the README.txt completely before attempting to use the program.


ActionScript API


These are the functions currently implemented.  Many more are on their way and will be added as time allows.  I’ll be adding better documentation at some point as well.


function title_Callback(title) {

      a_txt.text = “The text in the window titlebar is: “ + title;



fileBrowse_Callback = function(success, fileName) {

      if (success) {

                  _root.window_mc.swf_txt.text = fileName;




sfSystem.Dialogs.BrowseForFile_Open( "", ["SWF (*.swf)", "*.swf"], "", "Browsing for .swf file . . .", fileBrowse_Callback);

function mb_callback(whichButton) {

      switch (whichButton) {

                  case “OK”:

                              // ok button pressed


                  case “Cancel”:

                              // cancel button pressed




sfSystem.MessageBox.messageBox(“Message Box Text”, “Message Box Title”, MBB_OKCancel, MBI_Information, MBD_Button2, null, mb_callback);




SharpFlash is written and maintained by Darron Schall (  If you would like to help, please let me know. Logo